This Is What I Want to Write and I Don’t Care If You Like It or Not!

Can you guess what I’m blogging about yet? …..So I walk into the viewing area of a public swimming pool and look for a seat. I am with our eldest to watch our two younger children swim. I crane my neck round the corner to try to watch my youngest on a mission to see howContinue reading “This Is What I Want to Write and I Don’t Care If You Like It or Not!”

Discussions To Have Before You Get Married!

I’m thinking back to 2002 when I met my now husband- Jon. I say met, but we actually already knew each other from college when we were 16. My friend at the time was going out with Jon’s friend and so while they were together, we often smiled and exchanged the odd word or two. ThisContinue reading “Discussions To Have Before You Get Married!”

Follow Your Dreams

The sun is shining, and I’m sitting in the garden next to a filled padding pool waiting for the girls to wake up (Charlie is always an early riser so beat me to it this morning!). It’s so warm already and we have no plans today, so we can relax in the garden or doContinue reading “Follow Your Dreams”

The Power Of Social Media

We all love social media. If we’re feeling nosy, tired or bored it’s just so easy to access. No need to get dressed up or make excuses to leave, we can literally flit in and out of it whenever we feel like it! But while social media helps to connect us socially online, it canContinue reading “The Power Of Social Media”

What Age Should My Child Get a Mobile Phone?

Long gone are the days of dragging the cord of the home phone under the door and hiding in the hallway to have a private conversation, or walking to the phone box with a pocket full of coins to make a call from a public phone box. Nowadays, the luxury of having a mobile phoneContinue reading “What Age Should My Child Get a Mobile Phone?”

How To Look After Ourselves When We Are Grieving

The shock of losing someone that we love can be so overwhelming that we just don’t know how we can face tomorrow. For me, the worst thing I have ever imagined happening to those I love is dying. I lost my Dad and my mum’s partner, who I was very close, to within five weeksContinue reading “How To Look After Ourselves When We Are Grieving”

How Much Longer Will It Take For Women and Men to be Treated Equally?

For many years, and perhaps for as long as history is recorded, women have been viewed differently to men. Not just different, but subservient and weaker. As long ago as the Victorian era, women have fought hard to have the same rights as men. Thankfully in 1903, due to strong minded women with the determinationContinue reading “How Much Longer Will It Take For Women and Men to be Treated Equally?”

How Much Should We Care About What People Think of Us?

We all feel the need to be accepted, it’s a basic human instinct. Naturally we all want to be liked as gaining approval from others increases our self esteem. We know people judge us, as we judge them, by their opinions and choices, the way they look, the way they speak, where they live, theirContinue reading “How Much Should We Care About What People Think of Us?”

Is Coronavirus Causing Our Children to be More Resilient?

Someone is pulling on the breaks. The fast paced life-style that involves a constant rushing from one task to the next, causing us to feel like hamsters on a treadmill- constantly running, yearning to stop, is for many a distant memory. The monotony of working, school drop offs and pick ups, rushing to after-school clubsContinue reading “Is Coronavirus Causing Our Children to be More Resilient?”

When Your Child Refuses to Eat Dinner, Should You Cook Another Meal?

We encourage our children to have their own likes, dislikes and not to do things just because everyone else does. We want them to be individual with their own opinions. However, it seems this applies in every setting except for at the dinner table!